Do you read love stories? Novels?Why do we like happy endings?

@lorelai (1558)
December 1, 2007 9:24am CST
When I was younger I really like reading those novels you get in the magazines about a woman who was just a common woman and worked at her common job and lived her common life and then she meets this man she falls in love with and they get married. I knew all these novel would end the same way but I still liked them and read them as they were the biggest intrigue in the world. What about you? Why do we like happy endings? I even wrote such a novel long time ago and I was always talking about it to my sister and I would always ask her what she's prefer if a character in the book did this or did that. I remember I wanted to and the story in the way that I could write the second part one day if I wanted and my sister was against it because she wanted the happy ending, she wanted to see the characters happy in the end. I think I felt the same. Do we think that if other stories finish in the happy way our would finish too? Or we just identify ourselves with the main character and we want to story to be a happy one because we start to think about this story as of our own one? I must say that when I read a book I always prefer happy endings. Is there any one who doesn't? But at the same time if you asked me about some books that I like I would probably choose the ones wit the sad ending. The same thing about the movies. You remember that one with charlize theron and Keanue reaves? Well I adored that movie and although it was clear she would die at the end because it wasn't sort of movie about miracles of healing, I still kept hoping to the very end that she would somehow survive. What about you?
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• India
1 Dec 07
Ys i'll read love story and novels.
@monty24 (154)
• India
14 Dec 07
Yes I also like a happy ending weather it is a story or in real life...........
• China
14 Dec 07
I like happy endings,because it can cheer me up,but in many situations,it is sad ending.If it is a sad ending,usually one has deep impression on it,because one would be moved by it and one would think the reasons,do you think so?
• United States
3 Dec 07
I used to justify my preference for happy endings by saying that there's enough suffering in real life, and that I wanted my 'entertainment' to give me an escape from it. Now I don't need any justification. I just prefer to feel good and happy endings always make me feel good.