Bullies Are Weak

@vmenard (895)
United States
December 4, 2007 11:01am CST
My heart goes out to the family of the girl who committed suicide after an adult paid a prank on her pretending to be a boy who reportedly liked her and then dumped her. Weak people bully others, and unfortunately the people being bullied don't always fight back. If you are being bullied remember how weak the bullier is, they are trying to make themselves feel good, by making you feel bad and that, is sad.
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@loralee (542)
• United States
4 Dec 07
To add insult to injury, the legal system can do nothing at present to help the parents. Even if it didn't involve the internet, its always been easier to prove physical abuse than emotional abuse. This woman and her band of little idiot girls should all suffer big consequences for their cruel and ignorant actions and behavior.
@writersedge (22579)
• United States
4 Dec 07
I see what you're saying, I've always said, "People who think they're tough start sh-t; people who know they are, don't." It's too bad the 13 year old girl didn't have someone to help her end it. My family was harassed and harassed and even physically hurt by bullies. But once we hit puberty, the shoe got put on the other foot. My brothers kicked butt. And so have I. Sometimes some good verbal medicine is what the bully needs. Some people say force shouldn't be met with force. We turned the other cheek and got clubbered on the other side of the face. So then we started fighting in self-defence and then people started leaving us alone. Still, wish people would not start stuff to begin with. What is that adult teaching those kids? When I get harassed online, I find a way to end it, even if I have to get another email account or block it. It's actually easier, but with teens, they all seem to be on MySpace and other kids report back to them even if they go off line. No wonder so many parents are homeschooling and only allowing teens to go online when they can go online with them. What a world we live in!