Misconceptions about the Arab world

Saudi Arabia
December 5, 2007 3:25am CST
I have noticed that in the western world a lot of misconceptions and prejudices (about arabs and arabian countries) exist. Such as women walking 5 feet behind the men or about more controversial topics like polygamy. I live in Saudi Arabia and I love it here. And I would be more than happy to hear about what you think of the Arab world and try and convince/prove to you otherwise (if you are infact wrong of course ;) ). So please shoot those prejudices at me and ill try to dispel the untrue ones, may they concern religion, law or just the infrastructure of countries.
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@Ngippol (567)
• Philippines
5 Dec 07
Hi. I'm glad to hear from someone in Saudi Arabia. Why is it that you are allowed to marry as many women as you can? How many wives do you have? Why is it that most arab countries have plenty of terrorist?
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@CrazCo (409)
• Canada
10 Aug 08
Some misconceptions about Arabs and/or Muslims are: 1) The woman are not considered or treated equally to the men. 2) It promotes terrorism. 3) They want to kill the infidels.
@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Jun 08
I do not know much about the Arab world or womens place in it. I always thought that Arabian women 'are all forbidden to work and must stay home with the children.am I right or wrong? also that they are considered less than men. I know I must be mistaken 'here.