confusing definition of a friend

December 10, 2007 1:48am CST
Guyz....can I ask u???.....wat's d real definition of a friend ba??? they were telling that a real friend is one who never leaves you in times of difficulty. But.......others also say that a real friend is one who push through his/her dfriend for the better. about this situation.... A friend was in great difficulty and was planning to make a solution but in a wrong and bad way. then she/he ask his/her friend to support her then this friend of him/her did not agree with him. Then, eventually that friend was considered to be an untrue friend. Wat can u say about that???
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@myrrhyne (107)
• Philippines
11 Dec 07
For me a good friend is someone who can be with you in terms of happiness and sadness. They are there if you need them and you also do the same thing. A friend also never afraid of telling you frankly. I mean he/she must be true not fake. Like for example if you are wearing clothes or jewelry not suited or not good for the eyes of other person he/she must say you are so weird or your not looking good. A friend can understand and that can be trusted and vice versa. About the situation you tackled here a friend is not an untrue if he/she never support her because that is obviously wrong. A friend maybe think what will happen to his/her friend that maybe can harm his/harm. If that is their problem not being true, they need to talk and settled that problem. If that friend will not accept it maybe he/she is not a real friend. Dapat kasi damayan ang kailangan. Both party should talked what is their problem if they both still treasure their friendship. Its like a little pagkakamali they want to make it big. That is just a simple problem. They need to settle it. You can advice to a friend but you have to give his/her freedom what path will he/she may follow. And respect what she wants. As long as you do your part already but he/she never listen to you or what will be the consequences after. Honestly nahirapan ako mag define. Kasi base in my experience i need to give way for them. Becuase i dont want to loose them. As long as they know what they are doing. ok..... correct na ba ko? heehhehe.... Good luck and God Bless....
• Indonesia
11 Dec 07
A good friend doesn't always agree with you, he/she can tell you which one is good and what's not. A good friend can understand that everybody has their own problems so we may not be able to be on their side 24/7. A friend always has time to contact you no matter its once a day, once a week or once a month. A good friend always remember to share with you an important information.
@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
10 Dec 07
For me, a friend is someone who is honest and respectful, someone you enjoy talking to and spending time with, and someone who is loyal to you (will stand by you through difficult times, as you would for them). I don't think that any friend, loved one or relative should have to agree with you on everything, we all have different opinions and should vocalise them =)
@a1intnet (249)
• Mauritius
10 Dec 07
I think a best friend should be allowed to disagree with your decisions - and let you know that they do - but still support you whatever you decide. Being a best friend does not mean that you have to agree with everything your friend does or says. But being there for them, just because you care, even when you feel they are making a huge mistake is what friendship is about. Being able to argue and fight but still be friends is important to strengthen your friendship.
@sunita64 (6474)
• India
10 Dec 07
What I feel is that a true friend will never try to please you by taking your side when you are wrong. A true friend is one who will always take you in the right direction but will support you when you are undergoing some troublesome period.Friendship is a selfless relationship which very few are able to develop.