Do Beauty and Brains go together?

December 10, 2007 4:06am CST
I think there are some people that can and do combine both. This of course is really ideal, since a beautiful person with brains could achieve a lot in life. Good job, lots of money, good marriage, and good acquaintances. This is not a rule thought. We know a lot of celebrities for example that have beauty and brains, but their self-esteem is very low, and are miserable and unhappy. I think brains are more important since a persons beauty can come from the inside, and not just from the looks.
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@samson1967 (7422)
• India
10 Dec 07
A good topic indeed. Your point of view regarding the inner beauty than outer beauty and supremacy of brain over persihable beauty is appreciated herewith.
• Pakistan
10 Dec 07
I challenge that point it is never clear to anyone! beauty is always in the outside ,inside beauty is invisible...
@ozzie13 (177)
• Australia
17 Dec 07
I think beauty and brains should go together but often doesn't. I dont think all beautiful people are dumb but i think it is fashionable right now to act like a bimbo and smart girls are to much hard work.
@shahmeerx (368)
• Pakistan
10 Dec 07
First of all,until a mental disorder every body has brains properly functioning,beauty is although natural and gifted in some way,beautiful people get away with everything in a glimpse,the important thing is not your family or friends but your aquaintance and the society ,your beauty makes society think good for you and thats whats important.If u ave good aquaintances you obviously are a good person ,nobody cares if your good at heart or brains becaus they wont get to know it.Our expression should always be clear and success comes when beauty and brains come together.
@mistissa (1348)
• Netherlands
10 Dec 07
It all depends on how you define beauty. Do you mean that someone looks good on the outside? Because I think that real beauty lies within a person. But if you mean just a good looking face and brains, sure why shouldn't it be possible. And sometimes you find a person looks good, the person don't think they look good themselves. So then they still don't think of themselves as beautifull and brainy