switched babies- pathetic story!!!

South Africa
December 10, 2007 7:53am CST
i watched on cnn sum days ago about 2 mums in the uk.t hey had their babies last year but not knowing that they were been switched mistakenly by 2 nurses. the hospital now contacted dem after a yr to reaveal this shocking truth & their dna tests confirmed this. i really felt bad when i heard this & decided to put myself in their shoes. its really hard though. now the 2 mommies have decided to hold on their 'suppossed babies" whom they have bonded well with. but i suggest the babies should be returned to their biological parents cos its not too late to still accept them back & both families will become best of friends. what do u mums think? God forbid, what wud u have done if u found yourself in such dilema? its very hard though!
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@makatas (1101)
• Greece
11 Dec 07
Thats a sad and bad situation.I am not sure what i would do...1 year of living isnt really much, but the little ones have come to know their parents, their smell, their feeling.It will be big change for them even at this young age.Supposing that one family could visit the other to spend some time with the baby they had raised up to 1, that problem could be somewhat solved.Yes, i think thats better.Babies slowly, gradually, return to their biological parents.Maybe in a month, after many visits and people getting to know their real child, the transaction could be done.Its so sad though :(
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@nkhanna (925)
• India
11 Dec 07
well its really a very shocking story.firstly both the parents sould sue the hospital for doing this thing.it would be really tough for both the mothers to give their respective babies to the real momther,since for past one year they are loving those babies as their own.i think if i would have been in their place i would accept my baby,however the other baby i will give to her mother.it would be a very tough task to do but ofr the better future of my child i will do so.because now since i know that its my child it will be very tough to live without it.however the best thing is that both the families sould become good friends.
• Indonesia
11 Dec 07
The switched babies are hardly ever happen. The problems will come when the babies grow as adult person. They won't know their truly identity such as DNA and deseases that they were brought. I agree with your suggestion returning the babies to their biological parents before it's too late. Both parents will become friends. And we should face this fenomena as gift & mercy from God. :)
@Sephora (15)
10 Dec 07
Oh my; I hadn't heard about that story... But recently watched an episode of "Private Practice" (the Grey's Anatomy spin-off) and a similar thing happened and the babies had to be returned to the biological parents. I really can't imagine what I would do... but I guess it would be best for the babies to be returned to the biological parents.
• United States
10 Dec 07
WOW!! I dont even know what I would say in the fisrst place. How could they switch the babies?? If I was the mothers I would sue the hostpital for starters. Then I would talk with the other family and see what we decide. I dont see how even knowing the other child was mine how I could give up the one I have. I mean they took care of this baby for a year, feed it, changed it, named it. It has become there baby. Its a tough situation. Or you could switch kids back and stay close with the other family like you said. Im a mom and really dont know what I would do. I will pray the familys get this sorted out and everything works out for the good of the children.
@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
10 Dec 07
What a sad story. There is no right or wrong way for these two families to handle the situation. Thank goodness this never happened to me.