One of my Mylot friends had a good question about colors affecting mood so..

@ersmommy1 (12600)
United States
December 10, 2007 8:46am CST
her basic idea is that colors do affect her mood. As dark cloudy days versus sunny have an affect on how we feel. What happens if someone is color blind..isn't the way a person who is color blind perceives colors different from most?
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@JJ4Ever (4696)
• United States
10 Dec 07
A person who is colorblind does still see color as he or she is not completely blind. You are correct when you say someone who is colorblind sees colors differently. For some, they may be able to see some of even most colors like normal while other colors may be quite a bit different than we perceive them to be. Colorblindness mostly affects males also. I spoke with a woman a few months ago whose son is partially colorblind. She said he has trouble seeing reds and pinks, but he seems to be fine in seeing all other colors. The funny thing was that his favorite color (or so he thought) was pink! This is becoming more and more normal nowadays with the male population; however, it wasn't really pink that this boy was seeing. He was seeing more of a brown color. To give you an example, if he saw pink it would appear to be a lighter shade of brown...maybe even beige. If he saw red, it would be a deeper, more intense shade of brown, like a chocolate color. Because this particular individual was blind to the color red, it affected his ability to correctly view items that were red, pink, or even orange because they all contained the color red. As far as color affecting moods, it's completely true. We don't even realize how colors really affect us! Red signifies anger. Blue is calming, (and the lighter the blue, the more calming it is). The most neutral color is a tan or beige (not white, believe it or not). Orange represents excitement and even anxiety. I can't remember what all of the other colors represent, but I did a study about colors in college in relation to which would work best in painting a room.
@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
10 Dec 07
One of my friends is color blind. He can't see the the difference between blue and green. He can see all other colors. If someone wears a green jumper or a blue dress he says the people are wearing the same color but he doesn't know which. I think colors are to do with mood: green and blue calm, red danger, yellow happy, white pure and so on. I like to see colorful things like coral reefs and see all the different colored fish. I think weather affects people's moods. On a sunny day that is very hot I feel delightfully happy. On a dull, cold, rainy day I don't feel as bright. I have heard of the SAD syndrome that affects some people in winter. It can make them feel quite sad. Something that my help such an affected person light therapy.