what colores should I use?

December 10, 2007 12:37pm CST
A classmate of mine asked me to create for her a painting of three masks drawn at my handstyle, easy done but I sked her what colore has her room so that i can harmonise the pciture with her room and here comes the problem. Her walls are blues and the furniture is dark purple, not quite a good combination but these colores make have an headache of what colore show i paint the masks (one I must make it with green and a little red) and their backgroung not to mention that I must add three diffrent colored cloth behind the masks. I simply can't find the right combination of colores. I need some expert advice, please give me the right colores I have to use so that the painting will look great at her walls and next to her furniture. Of course I'll use the colores of her room but I need more to create a center of attention on my painting so other colores are needed to make an connection to the subject of the work and her room. So what colores are best asociated in this situation?
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@drannhh (15240)
• United States
22 Dec 07
I think the blue walls with purple furniture is a lovely combination myself, and one that is crying out for a nice white matte around it and a touch of white in the painting, of course. Instead of bright red, it is possible to use a red that is more on the pink or purple side, such as magenta? I would use a yellow green, too, rather than plain green, as the yellow compliments purple while the green compliments blue and also this will lighten the area a bit. Perhaps you have finished your project already, though, as I am finding this after two weeks! How does it look?
• Romania
26 Dec 07
Yep your right, I've finished it and some how it has all the colors you said. Well it's very colorful some said that they liked it but I can be sure when I show this to my customer. Unfortunately, I believe you know, the water colors aren't wasn't I expected they went all too some how white and now the beautiful contrast between the masks isn't strong enough but my project is a good one I used all the colors that all of you told me and it went ok not to mention that is was fun to use so many types of colors. Now I must wait for school to begin so that I can show her the work.Though if she wants it to be as it should be (with contrast)no problemo, I can do that less than a couple of hours. I could do it right now but maybe she would like it as it's now so I'll wait, after all she asked me to make one for her. Thanks for the help! And A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
@kurtbiewald (2628)
• United States
10 Dec 07
lime green and hot pink perhaps
• Romania
10 Dec 07
the lime green could work but the pink will be hard to reach and i need more colores for each mask and cloth.