Socially inept?

December 13, 2007 2:17pm CST
Hi everyone! I realised today that im feeling very socially inept and i am looking for other's opinions on how they feel about socialising. Just to give you a bit of background, im single and in my thirties. I have friends but they are all married, some with and some without children so they rarely have time to come out with me. I dont drink and like my own company BUT i have started to feel like im socially inept because of it. When there is a work 'do' i generally dont go because its all about getting drunk and dancing, neither of which appeal to me, yet, i am made to feel like i should be going and enjoying these kind of events. I am much more comfortable going out for a meal and a chat amongst friends than i am partying away the night. Why is it that the majority of people make me feel like i am inadequate for being this way? The way i see it is that im now an adult and dont feel the need to drink or 'party'. Am i alone in this!!
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
13 Dec 07
Not at all Rosie! I'm with you all the way! In this life we are either leaders or followers. If you don't like the crowd your following why not try to lead your own crowd? The way to do this is to make a list of people you know that do the things you like to do. Invite them to a get-together, and get to know them better. Do this a few times, get a group started and before you know it you have your own friends who do the things you enjoy!
13 Dec 07
Thank you barehugs! You are absolutely right, ive never thought of it that way. I shouldnt need to apologise for not following the crowd so i will do as you suggest and make a list of those that like to do the same things as me and we'll make our own crowd!
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• United States
13 Dec 07
I would;t say that you're socially inept because of that. Maybe you're just not the type of person who likes to drink or party as you so simply stated. I'm just the same way, I'm not a big fan of dancing or doing any for of drinking. You see, you shouldn;t beat yourself down beacuase of that, it;s just who you are. And if your friends are to busy to try and compromise a way to still have some time to hang out with you, you should just find another group of friends who share you're interests.
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• Pakistan
13 Dec 07
as i even drink occasionally,so not much into drinks,in this way i get enuff time for my family and friends,i do understand if u drink heavily u will end up loosing ya health and so friends and family,i suggest all dun drink too much that at end u wont even have chance to regret.
@mj_jabez (59)
• Philippines
14 Dec 07
You are not alone in this. And I tell you feeling like that is not wrong at all. Perhaps you might just feel its all wrong because the way people act around you make you feel that way. But have you tried talking this one out with your friends? Girl, all I can say to you is be true to your heart, if you really know what you like, what you want, what makes you feel comfortable then go for it and dwell in it. What I see in your situation is social pressure. I know its hard to be in a situation such like that. I understand. Social life isint all about dancing, partying and getting drunk. I guess what is more important aspect of social life is the relationship you have that has depth and meaning. The kind that changes life positively. Listen to your heart. Learn to appreciate yourself.