Snow in the Philippines

December 15, 2007 5:35am CST
Many of us Filipinos have wished that it would be cooler here in the Philippines. Even today, in the coldest season of the year, it is still noticeably hot. Although it gets cooler in the evening, most of the day the air is warm and very humid that we get this sticky feeling when we sweat. I know that a lot of us here in Manila would love it if it snows here just like in other countries just to feel a little cooler. And because most of us, including me, have not seen and experienced snow, we would love to experience it even for a short time. Snow is not really gonna happen any time soon but it sure helps get me through the hot days thinking about it. hehehe, just a thought.
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27 May 08
A little snow would be nice. A light snowfall that we usually see in movies, adding to a somewhat magical atmosphere to the scene. But that's about it. I wouldn't want snow to make our traffic condition even worse by blocking our roads or making it slippery. I sure wouldn't want to stay at home because there's too much snow outside that there's no space for fun outdoor activity. I heard it snowed a little in Baguio city a few years back. I don't know if it's true. But i wish i was there to experience it.
• Philippines
27 May 08
Good comment Honeydipps, thanks... :P
@jenny12 (31)
• Canada
4 Jan 08
Hey! ive heard a lot Filipinos would want to have snow in the country. So goes the song "Dreaming of a White Christmas". O live in one of the coldest country in the world - Canada.It is nice but when its a snow storm it could be pretty nasty. Hard to drive as its so slushy. As well,if you are not careful walking and you step on a freezing ice, you can slip and break your back. When it freezing cold here (especially now its winter) i dream of being in a warm country.
@laiza14 (593)
• Philippines
30 Dec 07
yeah, ryt sometimes we get to be so ironic. when its cold, we wish to be warm and vice versa, but i also like it to be cold. so i can sleep soundly without additional cost of electricity with air cons. hehe.
@chari_dc (493)
• Philippines
27 Dec 07
i'd love to see snow but maybe not here in the philippines. it's impossible here so let's just go to canada or u.s. heheheh
@RookRocks (384)
• Philippines
22 Dec 07
Snow would be nice. Pleasing to the eyes, cool to the touch. But parroting the ones above, it really isn't practical. And as you know, Filipinos prioritize practicality than aesthetics and comfort. Further than the human factor, we should also see what it would do to the natural environment. Animals and plants would die. Smog would rule the streets. Water would be frozen. It really is frightening, some to think of it.
@eden_shii (508)
• Australia
19 Dec 07
yeah...when i was a kid, i've always wished that there will come a time that snow will fall down my country, philippines... now, i am in another country, and i experienced their winter at 5 degrees C...i find it too i just can't imagine that i can't survive if it is snowing which is usually at negative degrees... i have finally concluded, that it is somehow good that it won't snow in the philippines because my body just fits there...
@rsa101 (15496)
• Quezon City, Philippines
19 Dec 07
Well it would be a nice experience if that happens, but then I realized as I looked into our environement. Our house is not ready to experienced snow. I could imagine there are plenty of squatters along the riverside that would freeze if that happens and the way our houses are built are patterned really for a temperate country. We will never enjoy such if that's the case.
• Philippines
19 Dec 07
God has given us the best climate. We may use electric fan, air conditioner, or just a piece of paper or anything to make us feel cool. We are not like Saudi Arabia where even the water that passes through the pipes are boiling and you have to make it cool first before you can use it for bath. We are not like Chicago or Siberia where the climate is too cool that they could not work well. We should be grateful with the climate we have.
@slico79 (212)
• Philippines
17 Dec 07
I been dreaming of snow ever since I saw it on TV. But as I grow older and "wiser", I realized that what may be good for me may not be for others. As panicdude pointed out, it would be a blessing to those who can afford warm clothes and a nightmare to the majority of Filipinos who can't. But if ever it would really happen, I believe that the Filipino people can find ways to go on living. We are innovators by birth and inventors by heart.
@panicdude (457)
• Philippines
17 Dec 07
Have you watched the movie by Jolina Magdangal a few years back called "puso ng pasko"? There was someone there who wished for snow because he/she would like to experience snow in the Philippines. At first the people were happy and amazed with the snow hitting this country but soon they realized that it did them no good. Especially the ones living in the squatters area, they did not like snow because there's nothing much to keep them warm during that season. It was getting colder and colder that the one who wished snow realized that this season was not for this country. So.. the lesson there is that we must be careful of what we wish for. if ever the snow really hit the Philippines, chimneys would be a hit. and some boots and ear warmers and stuff. ;P
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
15 Dec 07
Nice thought, though, I would not want to have snow in the Philippines. :) If snow comes in the country, it would mean global warming is worse... say at its WORST. Anyways, I think we can bring snow through our theme parks. :)