How To Cure An Ulcer. An Old Indian Remedy That Works!

United States
@CatsandDogs (13965)
December 16, 2007 12:23pm CST
My dad was born and raised in Idaho and has had many Indian friends. One time he had an ulcer in which caused a great deal of pain, as one who has an ulcer would know. On old Indian chief had told him this remedy in which cured my his ulcer! Here is the remedy. Let me know if it works for you! Now it's a bit untasty but aren't most remedies? lol About a shot glass of pure apple cider vinegar, not distilled but pure apple cider vinegar into a regular sized glass, fill the rest with water and drink it. Do this about 2 times a day for about 2 weeks. In 3 days you'll feel a difference and in 2 weeks, you should be cured. Hey! It worked for my dad!