liverpool vs chelsea the conclusion

December 20, 2007 6:23am CST
This was a good game until crouch was sent off and only seconds after chelsea had scored with a very lucky defecltion of carragher which looped over itandje. Before all of this liverpool had two good chances to take the lead but it wasnt to be with Cech looking to be back at best again. After his massive mistake against Arsenal at the weekend it didnt look like it effected him at all, actually both goalkeepers had a good game even though itandje could done have better for shevchenko shot on in the 90 minute but the game over by then.
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@squaretile (3833)
• Singapore
21 Dec 07
i didn't watch the match. probably just as well. was quite surprised to hear that Crouch was sent off. Rafa has come out to defend him. saying that he was repeatedly provoked. anyone has a take on this?
@Darkwing (21588)
21 Dec 07
I didn't get to see the game because I was at a darts match. Also, I don't support either team, so I could have given an independent view, but I will say one thing... Crouch, whether provoked or not, should not retaliate... he has no excuse for being sent off if that were the case. Mind you, it is a little unfair that he should be sent off and his provokers left on. But, that's the way of football these days. Half the referees don't know what they're doing, or are corrupt, to the extent that one team is favoured because of the heavy betting on them. Never let it be said that I don't know what I'm saying here, because as a Leeds United supporter, I've learned about the dirty dealings that go on within clubs. (Thank you Chelsea, for Mr Wise! :)) That guy is doing a great job at our club!!! As for Mr Bates... we could do without him, but have to shut up and put up until somebody else shows a real interest in the club. Sorry Liverpool supporters. Of all the premier teams, I prefer yours, and I'm sorry to see you going through such a bad time at the moment, but "Walk On, Walk On, with hope in your heart!" You'll be back sooner than anybody notices you lost to Chelsea. It's not the end of the World... hold your heads up high and keep on singing. Liverpool deserve something more, and Chelsea, at the moment, look very amateur with their pushing and pulling. They're not as good as they were, and there's always a return match. :) Brightest Blessings and a Happy Yule to all!
• Malaysia
21 Dec 07
it was because of Rafa's rotation again. Look at the squad he used. Well, to be fair, Liverpool did play well, but not good enough. I have this feeling that Rafa is going to be sacked. I don't want to lose him though. I like his techniques and strategy, the only thing I don't like is his rotation policy.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
20 Dec 07
The story is same as against Man U. Liverpool did not take its chances in the first half and in the second half paid for it. I think Liverpool is going through a rough patch now. Their season is now jittering to another disappointing one now. Cheers! Ram