Spyware remover, what do you use ?

@Sissygrl (10999)
December 20, 2007 1:35pm CST
I use mircotrend housecall on my computer, its an online spyware remover. But i've been trying to use it on my friends computer, which is unfortunitly got vista installed on it. Anyways, everytime i go to remove the 167 infections she has on her hard drive it stalls on a file called bkdr_hupigon.dvr, now to me, that sounds like BACK DOOR something or other, and although i am pretty well versed in computers, or was at one time or anyother, i have not kept up with all the recent programs and things to use to remove this crap. Anyone have any idea's ?
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22 Dec 07
my granddaughter deals with the maintinance of my tv. i do not really understand the workings. back in the good old days we simply put the spy up against the wall if he had a forign accent and shot the ruddy rotter. now we have to put them on trial. if your tv gets a spy, throw it in the bath.
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• Canada
21 Dec 07
Actually that sounds like it might be a driver of some type , did you look it up on the net , msybe there is a way to get rid of it on microsoft or windoes updates .. But check out the drivers first
• United States
20 Dec 07
when I get my own comp I will check that out thank you so much
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