is it worth the risk?

December 20, 2007 10:25pm CST
ive heared alot of stories about bestfriends falling for each other.Some worked,but some didnt.and ended breaking the relationship which theyve worked hard on building for may years. is it work the risk to win your best frieds heart?
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@errielle (442)
• Philippines
21 Dec 07
it's a risk and it's something that one should really think of. However, would you rather live your life thinking of "what ifs"? Or would you take the chances and face whatever lies ahead? The saddest part is not being able to be true to one's self and to what you truly feel. It's a decision and it's difficult But one must decide. You'll never know if it will work or not. But you'll never never know if you won't try. Is it worth the risk? It's only you who can answer the question. is it?
@lyn2008 (444)
• China
21 Dec 07
Maybe,I am not sure if it works.When people are always together,they will easily fall in love,I think the love have great power,it can change everything and everyone,nobody can the end of the relationship will be,so people always say that people in love are blind.
@rsa101 (15541)
• Quezon City, Philippines
21 Dec 07
Well its true its risky but you can never be sure if you have not done it. For some people who did it and failed they would discourage you but then it does not apply to everybody. So there is nothing that can answer you but only you. The best is really to try what is best for the both of you. If it fails at least you tried and never regretted that you didn't try at all.