Cats and Boxes

Kitty Playing with the box - This is my kitty sticking her head out from a powerade box.
@bethyboo (399)
United States
December 22, 2007 10:57pm CST
My cats absolutely love playing with boxes. They can keep themselves entertained for hours just playing with one box. I got them all those cute cat toys with the bells, balls, etc. I should have just saved my money. Boxes are cheaper. lol They will play with the balls and bells for not nearly as long and as soon as they see a box, they will go running for it. lol It is so funny watching them play with the box. They especially love the empty coke boxes. One cat will hide in the box and wait for the other cat to walk by and then attack him. Do your cats play in boxes? Or are my cats the only weird ones that love boxes? LOL
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
25 Dec 07
My cats are the same, they sure do enjoy playing in boxes. When I was Christmas shopping they'd crawl into every bag there was when I had the bags laying on the bed (and while I was wrapping.) One of the cats is really huge (about 15#) and he fell asleep in one of those decorated bags that you give presents in. Everytime I'd get him out of there, he'd just crawl back in lol. So, I just let him sleep there the rest of the afternoon. Mine have all kinds of balls with bells in them, and feathered toys. They never play with those, but you set a box on the floor, or a paper bag, and they will always check it out and play with them (or sleep hahaha) Kinda reminds you of the story about kids getting presents and then playing with the boxes more than the toy...
@stcath (24)
23 Dec 07
My cat play with boxes too, but he love to play with wire better. i think cats always interested in something new.