What is the most animal that scare you?

December 25, 2007 2:03pm CST
I realy hate reptile. Any kind of them. I always have a goosebump every time i meet this kind of animal. I kill many reptiles....not in my life... in my dream... huehuehuehue... and you, friend...any scariest animal to you?
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• Canada
25 Dec 07
SNAKES any and all!! especially deadly ones and scrpions
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• Indonesia
25 Dec 07
yeah... You have fear then. Thank you for respond
@stella1989 (2274)
• India
7 Jan 08
Same here!!! I just Hate reptiles..!! I can't stand them!! In my childhood I once dreamt that my whole bath room walls and floor are full of snakes and warms ..!! Yeww....!! You will not belive it I was afraid of that very bathroom for a week afetr that dream..!! Thankgoodness I have four bathrooms in myhouse..!! :P:P :0
@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
28 Dec 07
The only creature that really scares me is a wasp! I know it may sound weird, but because I am highly allergic to wasps and one sting could actually kill me! They freak me out and I have to kill it or get someone to kill it for me. I have to carry a special epipen around with me just in case. I cant believe just one sting from a common wasp could kill!