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@kylanie (1205)
United States
December 26, 2007 11:05pm CST
I have got a 15 soon to be 16yr.old daughter and she had a boyfriend for almost a year and they broke up because he graduates from high school this year.Now you have to understand she does not live with me anyways she is seeing this other boy now and still talks to the ex and they both still say they love each other so I was trying to figure out what to tell her?
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27 Dec 07
Maybe its best that shes with someone else now. It might help her to get over the hurt that shes feeling. And i agree with what another poster said shes probably still trying to figure out what she wants.
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@Jolsn4 (19)
• United States
27 Dec 07
I believe that at the age of 15-16 your daughter is really trying to figure out what love means. She does not want to face the hurt of letting her ex-boyfriend leave her life. So, by dating someone else and still talking to her ex she gets the best of both worlds. I think it is important to understand where she is coming from before you give her advice. I think it would be best for you to sit down and tell her that the longer she holds onto her ex, the more she is hurting herself and her new boyfriend. The ex obviously is not ready for the committment and she has to realize that. However, it is also important to understand that at 15 boys are a dime a dozen so, it might be better to let her learn her lesson on this one. Eventually, her new boyfriend will find out and she will realize that she does not really care for her new boyfriend. Although you can prepare her for what might happen in my opinion it is better to let her take the fall on this one - She will grow into a stronger woman and learn to appreciate what real love is!
• United States
27 Dec 07
I would let her know that it is perfectly normal to still have feelings for her old boyfriend. Your daughter is still young and in the process of meeting and dating others. You said that the only reason that they decided to break up was due to the fact that he was graduating, not because of relationship problems. I think that they are smart to still remain friends while they continue to experience other relationships along the way. I remained good friends with my high school boyfriend throughout college, and even though we never got back together we continued to stay in touch, and talked often. Who knows they may end up as friends for years to come, or they may just go their separate ways, there is nothing wrong with taking their time to figure out what they want for themselves in the future.
@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
28 Dec 07
If I had a 15 yr old daughter who didn't live at home, and who had a boyfriend for a year already I wouldn't tell her anything. I'd ask her!
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• India
27 Dec 07
Hi kylanie, You are telling that your daughter is not living with you now.In that case she may not hear to you. But as a parent we cannot keep quite. Call her and tell her that she cannot have two boyfriends at a time and that will lead to problems in her life and ask her to choose only one and that makes some sense. More than this nothing you can tell her at this time. If you are confident that your daughter will hear to you ask her to cut the friendship with both the boys and get married to a person whom you see for her. Good Luck.