A credit card can save and manage money for you ?

December 28, 2007 5:54am CST
I have head someone using credit card can save and manage money well ! It's that ture ? If do , how can i do it ?
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• United States
28 Dec 07
I have never heard of anyone saying that a credit card and save and manage money. The only thing that I know of that is anything like a credit card, and that can truely save someone money would be a debit card. For a debit card, it is easy to keep track of how much money one has in their bank account, as well as keep track of their spending. The only problem that comes with a debit card is making sure that you understand the difference between your actual amount, and your posted amount. Debit Cards also do not have any kind of interest on them, whereas credit cards have interest, and compond interest. That is, they charge interest, on the interest. It is quite interesting how they go about making money.
• Greece
28 Dec 07
Probably the guys meant (if i got it right) that you can deposit money into your credit card let's say from an ATM and then your credit goes negative (meaning that the bank owes you money). This amount logically gets an interest like simple deposit accounts, but how much?
@olaff123 (434)
• Namibia
28 Dec 07
It is true. Many people use credit cards instead of savings accounts, as they usually earn higher interest on the credit card. They never use the credit facility, but just keep on adding to the amount they have saved.
• Greece
28 Dec 07
Doesn't the bank charge you a lot, when you want to withdraw the money you previously added to your credit card? How much can you possibly earn from this?
@Asylum (48266)
• Manchester, England
6 Apr 12
Like most things, credit cards have a variety of uses and their practicality depends on how they are used. I had a credit card that paid a small percentage refund each year, which turned out to be quite useful. I used it for items that I bought regular, such as groceries and a few regular bills, and got a cash return. However, this system does not appear to be operating here in the United Kingdom any more. Credit cards can prove expensive if you allow yourself to run up a bill and repay over a long period because the interest rate is very high. Personally I use one for convenience and repay the whole balance each month, which results in no charges at all.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
5 Apr 12
For one thing, with credit cards you get a statement and that statement shows what the items you bought. Also with many credit cards, you get points back and if you are careful and buy on sale and buy the house brand, you can get $5 or whatever off. Some credit cards have cash back, but mainly it depends on when you use it. For instance if your payment date is on the first, anything you charge on the first on is put on the next month's statement. I think the someone talked about was someone who paid his bills on time. Another way is to put the money for the main bank credit card in the savings rather then the checking account - that way one is able to get a little interest before the bill is due. With debit cards, the money goes out of your checking account right away and if there is an emergency coming up that requires that money, you get an overdraft fee.
• Nigeria
28 Dec 07
l can not tell for sure because l have never use one before and l do not have any yet.
• Philippines
28 Dec 07
not when you use your credit card for purchases on credit and cash advances, as the card companies will charge you fees and interest rates for such transactions.