if you can design a pokemon yourself...

December 28, 2007 11:20am CST
if ever you're given a chance to design and create a pokemon by yourself.. what would be its name? type? skills? well as for me... i want a flying pokemoN with a psychic power.. i think that pokemon would be so strong and still friendly.. =)
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1 Jan 08
I would create an alternate evolution for porygon2 called porygon3 it would have a move called conversion3, learn the move FLY, its type is Normal, it will have the highest stats if EV-Trained, and Its ability is download or Trace. If porygon3 were to exist then a lizard pokemon with spikes it would look like a thorny devil. It would be ground type, it would know ground attacks, tackle, watergun, and it can learn many TMs and HMs. It would have a high defense stat but low special attack stat. It would be brown. Its name would be Thorndeavile. Its abilities would be Limber and sand-veil.