The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

@luneliza (197)
December 28, 2007 1:37pm CST
A few weeks ago I read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene (which is one of the so called Gnostic Gospels and it was discovered in 1896 in a fifth-century papyrus codex). The first thing that stroke me on a superficial reading was the difference in style between this text and the canonical gospels (the ones included in the Bible). Although they all speak about Jesus, there are very few others similarities. The Gospel of Mary sounds more like a modern poem than like a gospel and more like an Oriental philosophical text than like a Christian one. The ideas, in my opinion, are miles away from what we normally classify as Christian ideas. Where does this huge difference come from? Is Jesus presented in this fragment the same person as the one pictured in the canonical gospels? Was he really that much closer to Mary than to the other apostles that he shared with her things he kept hidden from the rest? Please share your opinion.
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@blueunicorn (2409)
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28 Dec 07
One of the pastors at a church I used to attend talked about this subject. He said that was actually part of the process of making the Bible and deciding which books would go into it. If the style or theme was "off" it got rejected for the Bible. The pastor said that there were many other books that spoke of Jesus. If they didn't fit the style, though, or support the other books they were not chosen.