People don't really change do they?

@lilybug (21148)
United States
December 31, 2007 1:24pm CST
My ex is always trying to tell me that he has changed for the better since we were together. I don't see it. He is the same jerk he has always been. You know the type I am sure. They only think of themselves, lie constantly, and they are always right. I know he has not changed, but it makes me wonder though...Can people really truly change for the better or are they still the same jerk deep down?
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@AmbiePam (50694)
• United States
1 Jan 08
I definitely think people can change for the better. I've seen it for my own eyes. One person stands out in my mind, actually two people. I can't even begin to describe how both of these guys changed completely. It's been ten years and they still are honorable men. Unfortunately, I know all too many people who talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. Like your ex. It seems like the fakers out number the real changers, doesn't it. If anyone wants to change, they should know the first step is to drop the lies. I can't imagine the amount of damage your ex's lies have already done.
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@anniepa (27245)
• United States
7 Jan 08
I don't think this is a question with just one set answer. I think it definitely depends on the person and the circumstances that brought about the change. I think it's been shown there is such a thing as a "bad seed" which also could be described as a jerk deep, and I can imagine these people probably don't really change, they may just put on a good show for awhile. On the other hand I believe there are people who actually learn from their mistakes or lose something or someone dear to them and it opens their eyes and their hearts to what they've done wrong. I may be naive but I usually believe in giving someone both a second chance and the benefit of the doubt if they seem to have worked for it. I don't think anyone can do a complete 180 though; a total jerk isn't ever going to be perfect but I think it might just be possible for him to become a better person. Not a saint, but less of a jerk perhaps. Annie
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