Working with glamour models

January 1, 2008 11:34am CST
Anyone got any good suggestions on how to start? I've found a website that links to local models but I'm afraid that I have virtually no budget and no real prospect of getting better equipment without turning my hobby into a cash spinning venture (am trying stock photos at the mo'). Does anyone have any tips or suggestions, do you try local students? I'm a member of a local camera club but the average age is old to say the least and they seem rather reticent to arrange for proper model nights. I've recently been elected as programme secretary so may see what I can do from that position but would love to hear from any other keen amateur photographers about how they started / are starting?
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1 Jan 08
I don't know if you've heard about this or not, it was popular several years ago. It's called Glamour Shots. If you have the right equiptment all you need to do is make up your own flyers asking for ladies to who would like their Glamour Photo taken for free. What happens is one of two things. You get a lot of women who want their photo taken, which you can use to start a portfolio with and two, when they get their photo taken for free, you have the opportunity to sell them 8X10s, 5X7s and so on. You don't need a studio or anything. You can set up for free at a Chamber of Commerce office or maybe in a Salon somewhere. A salon would be the ideal spot. There they can get their hair done and makeup done and then set down and have a photo taken. All you need extra (if you want to) is have different strips of nice material to drape them with, a few sets of dangly earrings, and/or costume jewelry, a couple of hats, or boas to enhance the models who want an off the shoulder look. Leather jackets for that sexy biker look. Use your imagination......There's a lot of money in it......Good luck
2 Jan 08
Thanks for the tips guys, that's an interesting angle.
7 Jan 08
I'm guessing knows any easy ways to talk young ladies out of their clothes other than paying them? Ah well, back to photographing trees and landscapes for the next couple of years then....