Sears gives SPYWARE for Christmas

Sears gives SPYWARE for Christmas - Sears gives SPYWARE for Christmas, now doesn't that just roast your stocking?
United States
January 4, 2008 9:50am CST
Sears customers are not amused to find spyware in their Christmas stockings. * Sears created something called My SHC Community, which Sears describes as a member-feedback-based online community. * Sears bigwigs said, "It's a community that connects shoppers like you to SHC employees, including the most senior executives, so that together we can build a better shopping experience. In exchange for participating in the community, members will have access to free planning and budgeting tools, special forums to express their views and ideas and will receive exclusive offers and promotions. Members are also eligible to win cash and merchandise prizes via sweepstakes that occur regularly throughout the year."* Sears makes the customer agree to install a program from ComScore that hides the fact the spyware is there in a very tiny privacy statement with lots and lots of long text. In other words, a load of cow....! * Here's the original story:;_ylt=AlF7w0KBS3rOFPf98jfB3ZGs0NUE
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