What color your are wearing on your nails?

January 5, 2008 5:46am CST
I'm very fond of nail polishes and love changing them frequently. Right now I'm wearing beige shade coated with very light shimmers. But I prefer classic french manicure. What about you? Are you wearing any nail varnish? If yes, what shade? Is that your favorite one?
4 responses
@roberten (3131)
• United States
5 Jan 08
None, I am an independent contracting marketer so I do not wear polish except for special occasions.
@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
5 Jan 08
My wife polishes her nails But decides to not put on any colour inpsite of my encouragement-usually when i insist too much, she puts on some maroon colour vanish on he nails!
@mummybec (685)
• Australia
5 Jan 08
I dont wear nail polish much... actually it is very rare that I get the chance to put any on and most the time it is just clear nail polish!! I know very boring but i dont get the chance to much...
@nichole1983 (1187)
• Canada
5 Jan 08
i do my nails at least once a week or every 2 weeks cause then its time for a change... right now i have the classic french manicure (which i do alot) but its not your typical white tip... its a very pale blue.. i also have a decal on the side of a yellow daisy.. i love everything about doing nails... i even have the same on my toe nails as well.. with the blue and the yellow daises.. thinking about it sure makes it springy to me and its winter over here on my side of the world..