How often do you visit the grave site of loved ones or friends?

United States
January 10, 2008 7:58pm CST
My Dad passed away 19 years ago and I have visited his grave every week without fail since. I always bring one red rose and put it in the dirt above his stone. Now that my mom is there with him I have visited every day since she was buried on Monday and now I'm bringing two red roses. Since her name is Rose I think it's only fitting that she gets her own. I'm sure once I'm over the shock of losing her I'll go back to once a week but I'll always bring the two roses now. I'm lucky because the cemetary is within walking distance of my apartment. Half an hour away but I can walk it! They are basically the only people I can visit because other family members are in cemetaries in other cities and I don't drive so can't get there. How often do you visit your loved ones or friends who have passed away? Do you bring flowers or something else? I've noticed that a lot of people bring balloons and other things to other grave sites. What about you?