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January 13, 2008 4:05pm CST
For fun lets do our own poll. Who else thinks the devil will catch a cold before Hillary Clinton is president? Id like to see who would vote for who and why? I will say I have no clue at this point, but the last time I voted for morality and now I can barely get by financially. Comments anyone?
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@maths887 (64)
• United States
15 Jan 08
Hillary Clinton would be a great President, and I don't think she and devil have anything in common, lol! She has the experience to get things done, and will work for the middle and lower classes on taking America out of our upcoming recession and moving us forward - which includes getting us out of Iraq. I know she will do those things, and that is why I support her for President. If you barely get by financially, and I am sorry to hear that, but you shouldn't vote for a Republican because they only help the upper class and the rich, and that irks me so much, shewolf! Good luck in your choice. It will be an exciting election for sure!
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@jormins (1224)
• United States
13 Jan 08
Is this a trick question? How could the Devil catch a cold & be elected President at the same time? (jk) I hate Hillary as a person and as a politician. I'm supporting Obama 100%. he is the only candidate who can bring everyone together to work to get our country out of this rut Bush has helped us get into. Did you hear that? I think the market just fell another 100 points while I was writing this.
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@anniepa (27245)
• United States
16 Jan 08
If anyone here knows anyone going down that way, I'd like to send a few cases of tissues with you for the devil! I have to ask: you say the last time you voted for "morality"; so it's not your fault you can barely get by financially, it's the ones that voted for Bush that caused that! Annie
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@mehale (2200)
• United States
21 Jan 08
I would personally have to say that we would be better off with the devil himself as our next president than if Hillary Clinton wins! Honestly - how can we believe that Bill Clinton will not be heavily influencing her decisions...if not out right making them for her. How is it right for him to have another shot at the white house through his wife? And if he is not looking to influence the presidency then why is he campaigning so strongly for her? I don't have a problem with a democratic president, but so far it seems that our best choices would be either Ron Paul - who is so far behind that it is doubtful he will catch up - or Mitt Romney. Paul is a firm believer in doing things by following the constitution. I believe that this would greatly help to put America back on the right track. We need to start focusing on AMERICA instead of focusing on foreign countries.