Where di the week go?

United States
January 14, 2008 5:53am CST
Time flies, and I don't know what all I did between last Monday. What did I do to enhance my life experience? Did I fritter away my time or use some of it wisely? I think it sucks that I don't really remember the particulars, so I wonder if I just drifted from one day to another or what? That not knowing how to describe my week really irks me. I'm going to start keeping a journal so I can jot down these things -- like what did I read, what did I create, who did I talk with? Did I pick up the Bible and read? how much time did I spend on mylot? Did I accomplish anything? How much time did I spend playinggames? Am I happy about what I've done during the past week? LOL -- I don't remember! I've prided myself on having a good memory for a long time. is it getting shot??? That's really a scary thought. I like my memory. Mybe I'm just not doing anything worth remembering. *Sigh* I know I spend a lot of time up all night and sleep a lot during the daytime. I want memorable weeks. Time hasn't grown shorter. Just my perception as an older woman. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
14 Jan 08
Hi joyceshookery, I am 68 and find that every year the time appears to go faster then the one before. I thought that time would go slowly after retirement, how wrong I was! Blessings.