Has anyone used windows xp extreme edition??

January 18, 2008 10:22pm CST
i wanna know the system requirements fow win xp extreme edition.. does any one use it.. is it 32 bit or 64?? im confused with this.. pls help me..
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@siriya (202)
• India
25 Feb 08
I never heard about extreme edition. I dont think its official microsoft operating system
@zxtzxt (214)
• Philippines
19 Jan 08
It is called Extreme Edition because it was modified by an individual or individuals and put extras into it. The extras are ranging from updated versions of media player, bowser and add ons. Usually it include anti virus softwares, image editing softwares and some tools. This version is a hacked XP version installer. The actual XP will still be the same though and works the same. But the installer already has those I mentioned. You can only download this kind of edition. Finally XP has 32 bit and 64 bit version. The 64 bit is for PC enthusiast and usually use in high end servers. The advantage of 64 bit over 32 bit is you can install more than 4gb of ram and up to 128GB of ram. HTH
• United States
19 Jan 08
The only official Microsoft Versions of XP are: Home Media Center Professional Tablet PC Less Common: Embedded (ATMs, kiosks) Fundamentals for Legacy PCs (thin client) Starter Edition (for poorer nations) Edition above with "N" (Court case required Microsoft to make version with Windows Media Player) ---------------------------- Extreme is a version that was user made, usually having preinstalled drivers, software, and tweaks that is made using nLite or similar programs.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
19 Jan 08
xp extreme edition!!mmh i don't know about setting for thi os i never had the occasion to test or see something on thi system!!probably will be 64 bit the best requirements but you can turn it well even on 32..but i didn't know practically just tought about an xp product family..
• United States
19 Jan 08
I have never even heard of it before. Is it new?