What percentage of salary do you save each month?

@subha12 (18453)
January 19, 2008 7:49am CST
I am not asking you the salary or amount of money you get each month. What % of income do you save each month? what do you think is ideal to save ? I am not able to save much as I think I am very much spendthrift. What is your case? how much do you save?
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
20 Jan 08
I have rent free accommodation (our own house) adn for electricity, water bill, minor repairs once a year, monthly family expenses, if taken in percentage wise, I can save 50% of monthly earning as savings.
@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
20 Jan 08
hi subha! ^__^ i don't really set aside a fixed percentage of my salary. i save whatever is left until the next salary. ^__^;; but i do my best to spend thriftily. sometimes i save a lot, sometimes i save nothing. LOL but i make it sure that my wallet doesn't ran out of money. because i'll never know when i will need money for an emergency. ^__^
@luvstochat (6914)
• United States
19 Jan 08
I don't save any money as all the money we get goes to pay the bills and pay for groceries and the things the kids need I wish we made enough to save some money. I am going to put some of our tax refund in a savings account and pay off a few bills then maybe we will be able to save a little out of our income.
@ctrymuziklvr (11059)
• United States
19 Jan 08
I'm on social security and have someone who pays my bills for me. Every 6 months we go over my budget and figure out what they will pay and I usually pay the smaller bills. They automatically pay my rent and cable/phone bill and I get the rest of my check which amounts to $355 which is for food and necessities. I'm also now paying my direct tv bill out of my allowance and a couple of other smaller bills like my ebay account because I'm a seller. Basically I save $25 a month when all is said and done.