wow! tux paint is awesome!!

@vera5d (4006)
United States
January 19, 2008 10:42pm CST
so in my never ending graphic software quest...i found tux paint and i love it!!! it is so easy to use - it is made for kids and really has some awesome effects & features for a paint program...i can't wait until my son comes home & he can try it it lacks some professional features I would like - resize, grab & move, save in different formats, layers, etc...but there is a lot you can do and if anything just hit the prtsc key on your keyboard & paste into a different program like publisher to crop & edit. check it out for yourself: It is open source, so it is free...enjoy!! p.s,- install the stamp effects too - there are some really cool pics!!
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@drannhh (15241)
• United States
20 Jan 08
A New American Manga "Grrrl" I Drew Today - Drawn on newsprint paper with pen and ink and colored with PaintShop Pro.
It sure is the right price! Thanks for sharing. I love using paint programs. My favorite is PaintShop Pro. I drew this today and colored it with PaintShop Pro.
@vera5d (4006)
• United States
21 Jan 08
i might have to try paintshop pro sometime...i am marveling enough though just with this one for now!!