China and Western meals What difference?

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January 22, 2008 8:43am CST
There is a saying in English, "You are what you eat."This sentence in not easy translation,which means that you can eat anything you decided what kind of person. Westerners,and speak about these healthy diet,and even the restaurant's menu are marked with the number of calories food,and this may Gener on the sentence. The Chinese people also have a similar sentence,"Where to eat-where."To-fill-shaped somewhat like China's hieroglyphs, and the reason is very direct.Not afraid of smart kids let him eat animal brain,What to eat it wants to use the idea to solve the problem in China and the West is the same. The a la carte restaurant,the menu mostly Western only one paper,is the most psitive and negative,including drinks and dessert,the more good restaurants,most of the short menue,like Western culture,although it is also very abundance,it is profound,but the high degree of concentration.Lunch is different menus are generally long,a lot of choices,a la carte has become a more difficult thing is the integration of diverse,which is reflected in the abundance,diversity. China the meal dishes are not necessarily related,What to eat and drink what drinks are not necessarily is somewhat like China diverse cultural values and the changing forms of social organization,diverse and inclusive,and assimilation,I used is the basic characteristics.
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@youless (92276)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Jan 08
The food is different between Chinese and western meals. You can't see we will use the butter to make a Chinese dish, whereas it's quite common for the westerns use butter to cook. Usually our food is small piece, but westerns like a large portion, such as the steak. We use choppsticks and westerns use fork and knife.
• China
24 Jan 08
I agree, there are some more difference, in my experience is that the sausage, in China, we cook, either steam or boil before we take the bite, but the italian sausage or German ham, we eat when they are fresh, the taste is very good. I like both types of food. The only thing i cannot manage is the vegetable salade, a pity for me.
@dragon54u (31615)
• United States
31 Jan 08
I have largely forsaken the Western cooking styles and attitudes towards food in favor of the East--moderation, spices for flavor and food from the ground with a little meat. I lost a lot of weight this way! My cholesterol and blood pressure are down, I just went to a dental checkup and the dentist (for the first time in my life) said I had no problems. I've always loved the elegance of China's art, music and cuisine. America would improve so much if it would adopt some Eastern manners, cuisine, attitudes, and culture.
@tommy14 (13)
• China
27 Jan 08
Western fast-food culture and the slowly cooking China have big differences. Focus on the Western diet is the result, the China pay attention to process.
@sirraps (89)
• Philippines
24 Jan 08
I guess none because both of them are delicious! hehehe! It depends on the taste of a person on what he prefer on his stomach! Not all people do the same so different nutrition and diet is required for them.