The Brewsters Millions Dilemma. What would you do?

United States
January 24, 2008 1:29pm CST
Ok, in Brewster's Millions Richard Pryor is told that he has to spend 30 million dollars in 30 days in order to inherit the bulk of his inheritance, which is 300 million dollars. The catch is, he must have nothing to show for the 30 million in order to inherit. One more catch, he can't give the money away. He must actually spend it. What would you do in this position? I think I would rent a limousine for a month and go down to the homeless areas and find several families. I would buy them homes and completely feed and clothe them for a year. I would also pay all of the house hold bills in advance for a year. I would have my family live in the absolute lap of luxury for a month and eat only the most expensive foods. We would travel and I would buy homes for everyone I knew, including paying all of the bills for at least a year. I would buy gift cards in the highest denominations that I could get and hand them out, especially gas cards. (my reasoning would be that I had BOUGHT the gift cards, so giving them away would be perfectly acceptable!) I would take needy families to the most expensive department store in town and tell the parents to go into the store and buy every member of their family 30 outfits, including shoes for their children to grow into for a year. I would tell them that they were to buy towels, bedding and anything else that they needed and pay for it all. I would buy for the needy until I spent everything. How about you?
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
24 Jan 08
That is quite the dilemma. I would choose the taxi to ride around in as that meter can tick over pretty good. I would find a huge piece of land and buy it. Then I would set up a wildlife sanctuary and hire the best vets and animal professionals in the world to run the place. I would then set up a fund to run the place as a non profit agency. I would also do the same for domesticated animals. I would buy a huge parcel of land and save every dog and cat and guinea pig that needed a home. All as a non profit agency with money in place to run the place for a very long time. After that I would take the rest of the money and set up lunch programs at all the poor schools in town so poor kids would never have to go hungry in this city again. And if I still had a few dollars left I would buy thousands of roses and stand on the street corner and give them to anyone that looked just a little down. Nothing like the beauty of nature to put a smile on ones face.
• United States
24 Jan 08
While that's admirable, the problem is, a large part of it that is donation. You would have to actually SPEND it. That's what made it so hard. One of the conditions was not being able to give it away.
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25 Jan 08
I think I could do it. There are times I would like to spend a lot of money and we never had it. I would rent a really nice home to stay in and have a big month long party. That would cost a fortune. I assume I would have to rent some friends to fill it too since I have a handfull of close friends and not enough to fill a mansion home. I love prime rib and thing I could eat it ever meal for 30 days, then I would need a personal trainer to help me through that. I would need a butler and a maid and assistance for them. I would need lots of little items to live great for a month. Really if you ran out of ideas you could hire celebritys to come speak. Have you ever checked out thoes prices???
@leeloo (1494)
• Portugal
24 Jan 08
Some friends and I were talking about it a while back while I don't remember the movie too well, I remember that there were a lot of limits to what he could and could not do like not telling anyone what he was doing. The bit I remember is that he tried to invest in companies that he thought would go bankrupt but instead he kept on making money and thus harder to achieve the goal. My friends and I were saying that though 30 million dollars is a lot of money even taking inflation into account it is easier to use it up now. If we and our family and friends were to stay at 5 star hotels and rent luxury cars that would be a huge amount used. If you hope for the 300 million it could benefit the family for years as they would be able to pay for their homes, schools and everything they need. Also you could explain the travels, hotels etc as a competition or lottery that you won but it would be difficult as all of a sudden you had started using millions of dollars for no apparent reason it is likely people thinking that it might be criminal. My friends and joke about how long before someone asked where the money came from. It is very difficult to say what I would do, but shock would be highly likely.