Do you really Get very happy or sad with Sports?

Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
January 24, 2008 5:04pm CST
I just watched a football (people in usa will say soccer, but that's not how it's called here so i'll say football)match and my team won. It was a very important game, and i watched it at a pub crowded with people. Every time we scored, and also at the end of the game, everyone was super excited and happy about the result and what was happening. On the other hand, sometimes my team loses and i feel pissy for a few minutes, some people even for the whole day. What do you think of this? do you think it's silly to get all happy or sad about a sports result? do you like sports enough for that?
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@ElicBxn (60895)
• United States
24 Jan 08
No me. I enjoy jumping (horses) and can watch it for hours, but I sure don't have any favorites, since I don't follow the sport. I do try to respond in the correct manner around all the rabid University of Texas fans around here so I don't get critisized, but I don't care for sports.
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
24 Jan 08
Well, i suppose that it's normal that if you don't mind sports you don't feel such passion, and that it seems a bit irrational to you. thank you for responding.
@arkaf61 (10882)
• Canada
25 Jan 08
I don't think it's silly lightning. It's a normal thing for people to feel happy or sad about things that they enjoy and in this case the performance of their favorite sports teams. It's normal and healthy. Of course I am talking in terms of balance - LOL - There are the extremes and I do find those really silly, people getting so upset by a loss that they go on looking for a fight or just go overboard somehow. Or getting so excited about a win that they just do things that they wouldn't normally do. I remember long time ago hearing stories about husbands that would get home and pick a fight with the wife because their team lost, but I surely hope that things like this don't happen anymore. But just a normal happy or sad reaction to a sport is normal and there is nothing wrong with it:)
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
25 Jan 08
Hi LightninStrike! No I don't find it silly at all even though I am not really into sports. I do watch sometimes and cheer for the team and I do get sad too for the team I am cheering for that specific moment but I do not really have any favorite teams. Just my thoughts. Take care and have a nice day! :)