Ragdoll Cats

ragdoll cat - a picture of a ragdoll cat taken by jennie murphie at www.babycakesphotography.net and Calliope Cat a ragdoll cattery in Windsor Colerado
@Liasonfan (1702)
January 26, 2008 10:53am CST
Huh--I never knew this breed of cat existed until today. Apparently there are websites devoted to them...Who knew? Just type in www.ragdoll-cats.com or google ragdoll cats Facinating. A breed of cat that are typically laid back semi-long haired cats with blue eyes. They go completely limp when picked up. They appear in six different colors seal, blue li;lac, cream, chocloate and red. They are also 3 different patterns: pointed (nose, ears, tails, paws in the specific color), mitted (like the pointed, but with paws that look like mittens, may have a blaze, and inverted V white pattern on the face) and bicolor. Most of this information is from www.en.wilkepedia.org/wilki/Ragdoll
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@viliux27 (103)
• Lithuania
27 Jan 08
Theese look cute.So you're saying that they act like ragdolls?I wouldn't take one... :( Where will the pleasure of getting cut and bleeding go?I mean i love my cat for it's character, but a ragdoll cat seems to do nothink to defend itself, though they still look cute ^_^
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@ctrymuziklvr (11059)
• United States
26 Jan 08
Adorable ragdoll cat - ragdoll cat
I've heard of ragdoll cats but never met one in person...lol! I think thier adorable and wouldn't mind having one myself.