Will they still Operate if I have a Cold?

@pinklilly (3446)
January 27, 2008 10:41pm CST
I am scheduled wednesday for surgery and I have come down with a stupid head cold. I get like this when I have been crying and now I am stressing over this because I have made arrangments for some family and friends to take time off work and travel to help me with the kids and around the home. If this operation doesn't go ahead I will have many upset people to deal with.... I have taken anything I can, to help shake this but now I think I made it worse... I can't speak to any doctors untill the day I go in and I don't want to be sent home, otherwise I won't go back at all... It was bad enough lastime I went, as I was postponed on the day and had to wait 10 hours till I could be operated on and I was starving and so dehydrated. Please Help --- Thank you