What do you think is the proper punishment for a child molester?

**death** -  anyone who molests a child should be in this box.. looking like this
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
January 28, 2008 8:34am CST
for me.. its 5 letters*****DEATH***** if your going to molest a child.. then... there is no reason for you to still exist on this earth. end of story!
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@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
28 Jan 08
I totally agree...Sicko pervert pedophiles should be put away for good....Just putting away isn't enough...I think most would agree to hang them...
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• Virgin Islands (U.S.)
5 Feb 08
i agree... hang them...... burn them... gas them.. electrocute them.. shoot them.. torture them... what ever...
• Virgin Islands (U.S.)
5 Feb 08
so true so so so so so true.. this is a sensative topic and i think it needs to be dealt with accordingly