how long did u finished reading the whole book?

January 29, 2008 3:59pm CST
I got amazed to myself last weeks. I got this book from a friend, Rich Dad, Poor Dad of robert Kiyosaki. The book is very detailed and inspiring , with all facts and advices. I enjoyed reading the books. I cant even afford to take my vowel just to finish what i was reading. Then I noticed I only have 1 page to read. My god, I finished it in just 8 hours. Knowing that the book is not a novel, it is a financial literacy book. Then after a week, also saturday. I read the book of Francisco Colyaco entitled "Wealth Within Your Reach". I finished reading the book for 10 hours. The following week, I have no chance to sleep but to read the 2nd boo of francisco Colayco, Making Your Money Works for You and I finished it in just 7 hours. I really admit that i cant tell you word by word by those books that I have read. But all the basics and learnings I learned is very fresh and always be in my mind.
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@brothertuck (1257)
• United States
30 Jan 08
I enjoyed the Rich Dad Poor Dad book but I cheated ... I use audio books more often and got an audio copy of this book as well as the hard copy ... I listened to the audio and went back later to the hard copy to refer to things I like the audio books because I can turn off the lights and just relax while listening, or listen while I am driving. I listened to the Harry Potter series that way. The last books I read were a collection of H P Lovecraft and Wicked. With Lovecraft I have audio versions but got into the written stuff. Wicked I don't have the audio. Both took me a while because I rarely have time to just sit and read. I'll read a bit while waiting for someone or at a doctor's office or sitting at home, but rarely more then 20 minutes to a half an hour at a time.
• Philippines
6 Aug 08
Hahahaha nice one. I wish have that audio. I really enjoyed reading the informative Rich Dad Poor Dad. It made me wise in terms of money.