how do you find the time?

January 29, 2008 6:39pm CST
I work full-time. I do most of the housework since my husband works longer hours than I do. We're renovating our house. And I have to commit to physio several times a week because I'm recovering from a back injury. So how do I find the time to write? I'd like to be able to dedicate even an hour a day to nothing but writing but it seems like every day I'm barely done with dishes and paying bills and talking to contractors and then I'm flying out the door to work. I've been thinking of "borrowing" my husband's laptop and hitting a coffee shop for an hour every morning before work, but I honestly have no idea if I'll be able to fit it into my schedule. Plus I'd probably have to buy a coffee every time, and money is tight enough as it is. So how do you deal with the resources crunch? How do you fit in enough time to write when there are so many other demands on your time?
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30 Jan 08
The best time to write is when you get an idea. Even when I'm working I keep a notepad nearby in case I get a creative buzz. I could be in the middle of a project and get an idea for a story, so I write it quickly and get back to work. If I don't have a notebook I write on whatever I can. After all, even J.K. Rowling wrote on napkins at one point. It is also good to have a notebook handy whenever you have even five minutes of free time. If you have time to log into mylot and post a paragraph here, you can find time to brainstorm and write between activities. You could also have a voice recorder running while you drive. This way you don't forget any information, even when you can't grab a pen and paper.
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• Canada
1 Feb 08
That's a very useful suggestion. I usually write in big chucks - I "get into the zone". But if I start carrying a notebook maybe I can train myself to write in 10-minute spurts here and there.