Dream vacation getaway (Amanpulo)

@nyza21 (11)
January 31, 2008 12:19am CST
Amanpulo is a very famous tourist spot here in the Philippines and is located in Palawan, which is very famous also for its clean city and lots of beaches to explore. I long time first heard of Amanpulo from my colleagues past years and it really attracts me, just seeing its beauty even only in pictures, but I guess it would feel so comfortable, heavenly and so romantic to be in such place. It's just that it's also an expensive getaway to be there, and the transactions are paid by dollars. Pretty soon, I'm looking forward to be in Amanpulo with my hubby and kids to enjoy its so beautiful and refreshing views, the tempting cold water for a swim, watch the sunrise and sunset and taking lots and lots of pictures to add up to my photo collection. Has anyone had come to this place? then please share with us your memories in the beautiful, Amanpulo.
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@doggydimon (1372)
• Philippines
17 Dec 10
I have never been to Amanpulo but I guess it is that beautiful to be selected by the Aman group of resorts. Amanpulo is just a tiny island resort in Palawan so don't expect you'll be seeing a city there. The place is so so beautiful that it has been frequented by Hollywood stars and prominent persons abroad. I guess that is why it is so so expensive... :D
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
18 Oct 10
I've never gone to Amanpulo too but like the rest of people who love traveling, I dreamed to visit Amanpulo too, but the high cost is such a huge amount that maybe my dream remains a dream, gosh! But Amanpulo, through seeing pictures and reading testimonies, really a spectacular beach resort to visit, but why it is so expensive when this is located only in the Philippine parameter? why it costs dollars?
@everafter (378)
• Philippines
23 Mar 08
It is also my dream to visit Amanpulo. Just so you know, Amanpulo is located between the Palawan Peninsula and Boracay Island. The Island which Amanpulo resides is called Cuyo Island. =) For more information on Amanpulo, you may visit www.amanresorts.com. You can see there the prices, especially the airfare that costs around $900 per person. I have read a lot of informations about Amanpulo in tripadvisor.com. I suggest you visit the site and read the reviews about the Island Paradise. =) Personally, I wanted to go there but I think its impossible right now.