girl friend means ????????????

January 31, 2008 3:44am CST
girl means a gal as a friend or a lover?????????
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• Pakistan
31 Jan 08
Girl friend means a girl friend and nothing than a girlfriend. Every boy needs to have at least a girl friend. The girl and boy with mutual understanding and trust on each other are with close relationship of friendship may call friends. girl friend with frame of reference of boy and boy friend whit frame of reference of girl are friends to each other. they should prove themselves sincere in friend ship. because sincerity is the basis of friendship.
@jhl930 (3605)
• United States
31 Jan 08
I think that they can mean the same thing because whenever a woman says im over at a girlfriends house that is their way of letting you know that they are at a friends house that is a girl...and if a guy is saying that I am over at my girlfriends house...I think that is their way of telling you that they are at their girlfriends house....and when a guy saying that it generally means their lovers...all the guys that I have ever heard say that aren't meaning their friends they are meaning their lovers....thats what i took it as anyways!
@owlwings (39757)
• Cambridge, England
31 Jan 08
'Gal' is simply a phonetic way of writing the way some people pronounce 'girl'. A girl is a young woman, generally unmarried. It depends a lot on the context as to exactly what it means. A young man may refer to 'his girl', meaning his girlfriend; a father could call his daughter 'my girl' and a boss may even refer to his PA or secretary in the same way. In each case, there is no misunderstanding because the person spoken to is aware of the relationship. 'Girl friend' implies a love/friend relationship, of course. If a man speaks of his girlfriend, one assumes that he is speaking of a committed love relationship (but often less committed than a 'partner') rather than just a friend. If a woman talks about her girl friend(s), it usually means friends with whom she is intimate. One normally assumes nothing more than close friendship unless one is aware that she is into 'other things'. Even people whom one would (by their age) term 'women' may be called 'girl friends'. If it is necessary to make it clear that one is speaking of a child, one should add the word 'little' and sometimes 'young' (though that can also refer to someone in their late teens or early twenties). The words 'gal' and 'guy' are colloquial. If one is writing English, one should be careful about their use because they change the tone of the passage considerably.
@corilat (182)
• Australia
31 Jan 08
It depends on the context. I a guy has a girlfriend it's pretty much obvious he means lover. Otherwise he would just say friend. But if a girl says she's meeting her girlfriend she would USUALLY mean a friend. I say usually, you would have to know her to know.