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February 1, 2008 8:15am CST
I would prefer that this not turn into a debate about vaccines, but when the word Autism comes in, it's inevitable...So here goes. How many other out there believe their autistic child was NOT poisioned by "Big-pharma?" How many do not live their day trying to prove this conspiracy? I know I don't. My life is not revolved around curing my kids, or fixing them. Helping them? Of course. There are many typical things they will never just pick up by observing the world. When I was explaining, and trying to show my daughter that two heads are better than one, she just insisted that she looks fine with one head. She's obviously very literal. And my little man is a big time flapper. But according to Jenny McCarthy flapping is not part of his personality, it's the autism. Why can't it his personality? Why does it matter if he flaps or not? All I know is that it's an amazing cue to celebrate with him, or the opposite; watch out for flying punches. How about autism speaks? Did anyone not notice how disgusting their "Autism Everyday" video was? If you didn't notice, watch it again. Autism shouldn't be another poor me excuse. It should allow parents to play with their children more, and teach them, help them grow and navigate this crazy world. Oh wait, isn't that what we're supposed to do as parents? Why does that change when a child has autism? 6 hours per day of school, plus one on one ABA at home, and constant redirecting. Where's the time to get to know your child? What's wrong with focusing on one object or topic for hours? Of course it's not focusing it's persevating. They're not even allowed to be children. In the Autism speaks video, one mother is at the park with her daughter who is about 8-9, and is having a fit because she doesn't want to go on the swing. Why is she being forced? When a typical child is going down the slide, no one is forcing them to go on the swings. When is free play allowed? Who cares what a child does, let them be. This could go on for days here. (please excuse spelling and grammar, my little man is helping me type).
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@jmhall (143)
• United States
31 Aug 08
I to do not hold with this conspiracy theory. I am not saying the vaccines are completely safe and needed in all cases but there are many things they prevent that I would like to protect my kids against. My daughter is turning 3 soon and has possible PDD no offical diagnosis yet. Dr feels that she is just on the spectrum. She has language delay and sensory issues. I like you am not sure what the big deal is about letting them do what they like doing. My daughter will spend a long time just dumping stuff from one cup to the next or just running her hands through the dirt or want to watch the same video over and over (she likes to sing the songs)or flipp the pages of a book. I let her do these things. Honestly I have 3 other children and can not keep her from doing these things constantly. She does receive therapy 2 times a week in our home until she turns 3 then she will start school. I will agree that the speech and woking on the sensory issues has lessened the tantrums and I think she is happier for that. She also does seem to enjoy the therapy sessions and enjoys playing with everything the therapist brings. So no I will not force her into tears to go down the slide but I will prompt her and ask or I will turn the TV off if I think she has had enough for the day. But my other kids will have just as big a fit as her sometimes with this:) I have yet to get completely educated on autism. But I do not feel that my daughter needs to be fixed she just needs more help in some areas than other. She has a different way or learning and see the world than others do. So do most of us for that manner, but apparently this is only good so long as you fit into this worlds narrow minded for of what is normal.
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@irishidid (8727)
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21 Jun 08
I love my daughter and wouldn't do anything to change her. Bravo to you for your post. Autism Speaks is horrible and so are the so called DAN doctors.
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@eden32 (3976)
• United States
30 Mar 08
I do not have an autistic child, and I don't absolutely buy the conspiracy type theories; but I also do not blindly vaccinate. I have a friend who is positive her son's autism is linked to his vaccine, who am I to argue with what she saw with her son? Maybe it was an underlying condition that the vaccine triggered, or maybe it was a coincidence; but I can't presume to know more about her & her experiences than she. Her belief led me to question vaccines, and from there to research what I allow to be put in my children and to make different choices based on what I believe. I think that's one of the most important aspects of being a parent, not to blindly accept anyone's opinions as your own. If you vaccinate or not, imo it's better that you've made that choice after doing the research yourself.
• Canada
1 Feb 08
Hi I too am an autism mom of a four year old boy. I'm with you on the vaccines....I believe that my son was born with this as it was really early onset and the signs were definitely there from birth in feeding issues right in the hospital and bowel movements etc.... I'm not into curing my son either....Only making it that he has good quality of life and is happy. However, my son has been receiving private ABA Therapy for about a year and a half now and it is very beneficial for him as he was non verbal and now communicates using his words...this has almost eradicated the tantrums making us all much happier! :) He only gets six to nine hours a week though as this is all that we can handle with our finances....He also attends school three days a week in a normal kindergarten class. I agree that my son works hard but he is so smart and he seems to want to learn...We make sure that he has just as much to play and be a kid as he does therapy if not more and the therapist even allows him to play however he wants on his breaks...Even if it is flapping :) LOL I love my son and like you only want what is best for him :) Thanks so much for sharing! If you would like I have started some discussions about Autism and my son also..Feel free to visit my profile and I would be happy to be your friend if you like! :) We need to support each other.... Hugs ~Heavens~