Suspect Burned, Chewed Own Fingerprints

@shakeroo (3990)
February 6, 2008 2:02am CST
He thought he could get away by doing that. ------------ BOSTON -- A drug suspect either burned or chewed off his fingerprints to stop police from identifying him, the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office said. The man was arrested late Thursday and accused of being part of a major drug ring. He had no prints on the pads of his fingers with which police could immediately identify him, though they said they believe his name is either Rafael L. Cesareo, 31, or Jonathan Caez, 31. Jake Wark, a spokesman for the district attorney, said the man's booking photo matched two names at the Registry of Motor Vehicles Facial Recognition Unit. “This sort of self-mutilation is fortunately rare, but even that couldn’t prevent us from apprehending and prosecuting him," the district attorney said in a statement. Investigators plan to take prints of the man's entire fingers and palms Tuesday, to see if they're on file. They may eventually try DNA testing. Wark said he was confident the suspect eventually would be identified. The man was arraigned on various drug charges Friday and was ordered held without bail. ---------------- These criminals can be really stupid at times. That's why we should put them away for good!
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8 Feb 08
There's a lot of it about! At least there was some logic in what he did. How about the burglars who decided to burgle a security store - and were caught on 17 different cameras. The owner said he was confident they'd be caught but he wasn't so sure about seeing the $10,000 of stock again. There's a whole list of similar stuff here (some people make a hobby of collecting it!):
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12 Feb 08
Thanks for the comment and the site link!