Isn't Meryl Streep The Greatest Living Actor?

February 6, 2008 11:53am CST
Meryl Streep is the greatest living actor of all time.This is a personal opinion and anybody can comment on it!
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6 Feb 08
Where she is is definitely talented and starred in one of my fav movies of all time being thought of of the greatest actor is subjective. Many comedic actors do not get the same respect as dramatic actors...nor action -type actors. It takes a lot to learn any craft and you go to where your talent, skill, andpersona take you. Many actors have gotten trapped or stereo-typed in one mold so they will never get out. Other have tremendous classical training but for one reason or another they go for the paycheck and then do what they love on the side.
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7 Feb 08
of course it takes more than talent to become larger than life-that was my point. I personally think that Tom Cruise has little to no actual talent but he's got great PR, a lifestyle that is intriguing, is always in our face, etc, etc.
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20 Apr 08
Meryl Streep becomes her character when she acts. She really is quite phenominal.