Nick Drake connection to Heath Ledgers death?

@jend80 (2068)
February 7, 2008 12:12pm CST
Saw this on "Ledger's affinity for English singer-songwriter Nick Drake, who died in 1974 of a drug overdose at the age of 26, has also come to light. In an interview last year at the Venice Film Festival, Ledger said that he was "obsessed with (Drake's) story and his music". Ledger recently shot and edited a music video for the Drake song 'Black Eyed Dog' in which Ledger is seen drowning himself in a bathtub. It is also reportedly the last song Drake recorded before overdosing on antidepression medication, reports MTV News." Sounds heartbreakingly sad - doubt that video will ever be shown/released now - even though it's now been offically found that his death was caused by the accidental overdose of painkillers & anxiety medication, rather than suicide. but that makes it closer to Nick's death, which according to most accounts wasn't a deliberete suicide but using his pills to help him sleep (instead of as percribed as anti-depressants) and taking too many. I've had nights when I've understood perfectly why somebody would do that in a desperate attempt to be able to sleep - purely as a result of insomnia/anxiety and times when I've wanted to take/do anything either to die or just shut the world out for a while. One of the worst times (I was suicidal & painfuly obsessed with Nick Drake at the time) some of Nick's songs helped me through - Road "You can take the road that leads you to the stars now, I will take the road that will see me through", From The Morning, and Things Behind The Sun especially. Black Eyed Dog is a hard song to listen to even when I'm reasonable ok - Parasite as well - was only one of Nick's last songs though - he recorded Rider On The Wheel, Hanging on a Star & Tow the line (on Made To Love Magic) in the same session from '74
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