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United States
February 8, 2008 9:19am CST
Hi guys. I just thought I'd pop in and let everyone know about They offer some really great ways to get and iPhone for free (or the cash equivalent if you prefer). And since MyLot doesn't allow referral links, you know that this isn't just some stupid self-promotion. So give it a shot. You really have nothing to lose.
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@owlwings (39604)
• Cambridge, England
8 Feb 08
I do not like these things. It isn't free because you have to spend a lot of time signing up for the offers (not to mention reading the terms and conditions - you DO read those, don't you???) You need to amass over 1000 points to win your iPhone. That will take quite a while, I'm thinking, depending how many points for each offer. Most of the adverts are for things I don't want, don't need or have already got! Thank you, but there are better ways than this of earning money to BUY an iPhone (that is, if I wanted one, anyway!) Yes, I do have a lot to lose. The privacy of my email address, for one (OK, so I could create one for the job, I know), and a lot of time spent jumping through hoops.
• United States
9 Feb 08
Did you actually look at the site? Because you do NOT need 1000 points of any kind. Just do 1 100% free trial (there's more than one of those to choose from). My offer credited in 10 minutes. But hey, to each his own I guess.
• Malaysia
10 Feb 08
apple_fan, does that mean you have received your iphone from them? There are many similar websites such as xpango but their offers are not available for people in Asia. Do you know if they have offers for people in Asia too?
@owlwings (39604)
• Cambridge, England
12 Feb 08
Yes, I looked at the site. That's where I got the info from. If it works for you, OK. I am just saying that I have been taken in (or nearly so) by that kind of site enough times.