What's Next for Shaq?

@danzer (2732)
February 9, 2008 4:47pm CST
Did the trade involving Shaq and Suns? What's next for Shaq?
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@zenmachado (1619)
• United States
9 Feb 08
Shaq is going to have a difficult time gaining his goals, if its true that he is so injured. I have no doubt that he can improve himself at least to the point where he can function ok with the team this season. But beyond the present, I dont believe he will be able to sustain his playing abilities. After this seasons the suns will begin to understand how bad a trade this truly was. They will be paying him 20 mil a year, to be a mediocre center... if he is able to continue playing at all. If anything the brining in of shaq will at the very least liven up the franchise. It will increase sells and improve locker room moral. If there is one thing that Oneal still has in full force, is the ability to keep the humor at a high level.
@cobalt20 (1320)
• Philippines
11 Feb 08
Shaq next is to retire after Phoenix. Too old Sahq play for Phoenix.
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@elmiko (6640)
• United States
23 Feb 08
Shaqs heading down the path of wilt chamberlin late in his career where he will be more of a definsive player rather than a scorer. shaq will never rebound as good as wilt but shaqs defense could be better from his size alone.
@id_pop (293)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
Shaq wants another championship ring, and obviously he wasn't going to get it with the broken-down Miami Heat. He'll be aiming for that with the Phoenix Suns. It looks like both the Suns and Shaq will have to make some adjustments to jell, and I think that the only thing right now that Phoenix wants Shaq to do is stay on the floor. Since the previous season, Shaq's main problem has been dealing with injuries and his latest injury - on the hip - has been a concern for everyone following the NBA. It looks like that's now out of the way, and all he needs to do now is stay healthy. He'll be expected to be everyone's bodyguard on the floor, bruising on both ends and securing the paint for the Suns. His presence moves Amare Stoudemire's position down a notch to power forward, with Grant Hill and Boris Diaw sharing the small forward position. However you look at it, the Suns still have a very good starting five, and very reliable sixth man. Shaq's entry into the Suns' roster really shouldn't be seen as something that took away too much from the Suns, not with the many things he's brought to the table, both on-court and those intangible things: the championship experience, the humor, the attention, the leadership, and the valuable things he can teach Amare Stoudemire. This man was one of the most dominant centers ever, and no one can dispute that. Now, Stoudemire has the chance to learn how he did that from Shaq himself. Now that's something you can't measure in on-court statistics.