Are we being mislead by the oil giants at MyLot?

February 10, 2008 2:05am CST
I'm amazed at some of the completly stupid discussions that are being started on MyLot claiming that global warming isnt taking place. It makes me wonder if the oil giants have employed a team of writers to frequent places such as MyLot and spread dis-information to try and confuse us on the subject? What do you think?
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@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
10 Feb 08
I don't think the oil giants have employed anyone. I think many people are simply so stupid that it's their sincere opinion on the global warming matter. They just can't see it or conceive it.
10 Feb 08
Hi Stvasile, I think you are probably right, some of the posts are so crazy that even the oil companies wouldn't get involved!
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@ladyluna (7004)
• United States
8 Mar 08
Hello John_essex, I can hardly believe that you posted this under the "science" category. Have you not heard about the reputable scientists that compelled the U.S. Congress last month to hear their complaints about employment discrimination relating to job pressures that they had not 'signed on' to man-made global alarmism? Or the planned international summit in NYC to legally challenge the nonsense of man-made global warming fears, as perpetuated by people like Al Gore? Or, the lawsuit that Al Gore is facing for his part in fraudulently presenting his 'carbon offset' company as the savior to the 'carbon footprint'? Or the queries into whether or not Al Gore should have to return his "Oscar" for defying the defined 'honesty' principles of the 'documentary' category of the Oscars? Al Gore lied, according to international courts about the content of his film. You're amazed that qualified scientific personnel have called 'global warming' alarmists to tasks for refusing to allow any data to the UN - IPCC study after 2006? Your're amazed that these non-sensical arguments persist despite the FACT that this is the coldest, wettest year on record in the U.S. in decades? You're amazed that reasonable people have noted that the most significant factor relating to global warming is none other than our sun? You're amazed that the Earth has been warming during the most active 'solar flair' activity in recorded time? Which incidentally has ended -- hence, this being the coldest year on record in decades? You're amazed that the Earth has been subject to warming during the most notable gamma radiation bombardment of recorded time, as related to the solar metamorphosis of the dying star fueling one of our most neighborly solar systems? Geesh, before one hypothesizes that a corporate conglomerate is to blame for 'seeding' spies, perhaps one should read the astro-physics news first.
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13 Apr 08
I'm afraid to say that your response demonstrates your lack of knowledge on the subject. Please come back for a proper debate once you have some valid arguements from real scientists.
@ladyluna (7004)
• United States
14 Apr 08
Hello John_Essex, Hmmm, I have to wonder why you have taken a month to reply to my response, and in so doing, have offered nothing more than an arrogant dismissal of my challenge to you to sincerely embrace the exploration of science before posting an uncorroborated 'conspiracy theory' as the basis for your discussion. I will once again turn this back on you: My challenge to you remains the same. Though, I’ll break it down into its two parts. First, I challenge you to make the scientific argument that a man-made global warming phenomenon is taking place today. And Second, I challenge you to corroborate your theory that "Oil Giants" have plants in MyLot initiating, in your words: “…completly stupid discussions that are being started on MyLot claiming that global warming isnt taking place.”. I look forward to your response.
• United States
3 Sep 08
I've checked much more than local records. There is every indication global warming is speeding up slightly during the 20th century. There is no indication other than coincidence that man caused it. There is too, plenty of indication that man did not cause this increase in global warming. What would that be? The rate of change in the temperature of the earth varies. It has not of late varied any more than it has in the past.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
20 Mar 08
The Earth is getting warmer because we are in a natural cycle of earth warmth or global warming. That will be followed by a mini ice age. So do not worry, it will get cold again and the people around the equator will feel fine and have their crops grow while we in the North, like Canada, will have shorter growing seasons and not be able to grow watermelons and cantelopes and also we will have to pay more the enormous heating bills because not all here will have concerted to alternative fuels because of cost. The oil magnates did not employ a team of writers and not all of us are stupid. We just feel that the problem was not mainly caused by man, God is in charge of the weather. Maybe HE is trying to see what radical changes we will do (like making it so people have to choose between eating and heating the house.) Do you want the cure to be worse than the disease?