Can you allow a teenager discuss love?

February 12, 2008 8:24am CST
As a teenager, does your parent allow you to talk about love to them?
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• Philippines
14 Feb 08
Personally, i do not thik there is something wrong about letting your teenager son/daughter talk about love. In such manne parents and their children will become closer to each other. In my case, when I was a teenager my parents would not like me to talk about it coz they dont want me to go out yet and have a relationship till i finish my studies - I did finish my studies without any hassles and on time but hey i did not follow the rule on not having boyfriends. I grew up normal but finds answer to my love questions in the pages of the magazines. poor me. That is why I encourage new parents to be open about it.,
• United States
12 Feb 08
I as an 20 year old now, would like to say something. As a teenager would constantly tell my parents about love, and they would dismiss me. They didn't want me to talk to them about love at all, they wanted me to be a simple puppy love case. I didn't want that, but they didn't care. The funny thing is they were always right, I wasn't in love until I met my husband. He was the only one they were wrong about, and i'm glad they were. So I don't think that teenagers always know what they're talking about, but that doesn't mean that we should dismiss they're feelings. We should listen to them because if not, they're just going to do what they want anyway.
@Ciniful (1589)
• Canada
12 Feb 08
I'm not a teenager, but I'm a parent of one ... plus 4 younger kids. And my kids are allowed, and encouraged, to talk about anything and everything. Kids who are afraid of talking about these things with their parents usually end up learning about them the wrong way, and the hard way. When I was a teeanger, I wasn't 'allowed' to discuss these things with my mother. It resulted in me not having a clue what I was getting into and learning everything the wrong way. I don't want that for my kids. ;)
@zenmachado (1619)
• United States
12 Feb 08
I think its healthy for young ones to discuss love with their parents, because it helps rid of misconceptions.