Phone Call I Couldn't Figure Out.

@swirlz (3138)
February 13, 2008 3:57am CST
I received a phone call that was so bizarre. There was a girl asking if she could speak with (my name). I said, yes, this is her. Then she said that someone recommended me for a call center in Cebu. The name of that someone, unfortunately, I didn't catch. I was like, HUH? Then she asked me again if I wanted to apply. I answered, I'm still studying. Is this a prank? But the girl sounded like a real agent, speaking high dollars. No one I know speaks that way. And I couldn't think of anyone who has the same voice, so I could rule out pranking by my friends. But who gave them my name? Yes, there are a handful of my friends who works, or trained, or applied at call centers, but I've never ever mentioned that I wanted to become one, what with my speaking phobia, not to mention my freakishly squeaky voice. And they all agreed! If someone recommended me, they would have told me right? Not surprise me with a call. I don't know what to make of this call.
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