Don't you hate the fact that's shes gone... girly?

United States
February 13, 2008 7:47am CST
What happened to the redheaded rebel people used to like?
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@vehaileairu (2286)
• Philippines
20 Feb 08
avril.. girly - not the girly avril ewww
hahhah, i thought im the only one.. personally, i really prefer her red rebel self. its her style, its her name, her signature.. then suddenly.. shes a girl now.. a pink girly, with full of polka, high heels and all of the girl stuffs...ew.. but its her life, she decided to change so theres nothing i can do.. take care^_^
• China
20 Feb 08
Every one has his own life style.We'll never know what she experienced and what makes her change. Maybe i'd like to concern more about her music.
• Australia
15 Feb 08
I personally don't think she has gone "girly", as you call it. In fact, I just saw a pic of her in a recent gossip magazine, where she had a nice dress on with some pumps. That to me, is not girly. And she still has diffrent colored hair. Maybe she is just maturing, there is nothing wrong with that. I think a lot of these people who dress in punk do it not because they actually like it or are into it but because they want to be cool and want people to see how bad they are. I find that highly annoying in itself....
@aissar (414)
• Malaysia
15 Feb 08
I like her emotional, dark and broody side better. Her newest album is totally the opposite of who she was: bright, cheerful and playful. But I guess people change, plus, she's married. You can't expect her to swear and sing moody songs when she hits 30. I love her songs very much, by the way. She's more mature now, compared to the hot-headed, rebellious girl she was.
@Ciniful (1589)
• Canada
13 Feb 08
She's a married woman in her 20's. Who really expected her to remain a rebellious 15 year old forever?